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In 2006 our team worked with DF Concerts and Tennent’s Lager to make T in the Park the first Major Music Festival in the world to achieve Carbon Neutral status.

Sustainability is core to our values at Material but the landscape has figuratively and literally changed since our first work in 2006. What was class-leading then is barely recognised as mitigation today.

COP25 in Madrid has not long finished and what became an unofficial strap-line for this year’s convention was UN Secretary General’s foreboding quote “the point of no return is no longer over the horizon.” 

The immediacy of the challenge we all now face individually and collectively cannot be ignored.

For our industry, massive change is coming as brands and businesses mobilise to meet their sustainability obligations.

Actions not words are what is expected of brands by their consumers today. Corporate philanthropy is not enough, offsets alone are not enough, change, innovation and leadership is expected.

“77% of consumers (UK) said they had switched, avoided or boycotted buying certain products based on a brand’s sustainability and environmental policies, or might consider doing so.”

Kantar, 2019

But what action do brands take and how do they make that action mean something to their consumers?

At Material our Insight Team has developed a comprehensive sustainability framework for our clients to use to answer this question; Sustainable Material.

The framework includes a sustainability audit, a report card to act upon and a communications roadmap to follow. We have already undertaken a detailed piece of work for a global sector leader and we can see the value our process has added.

Because meaningful brand sustainability communication does not consist of a reveal of your current brand report card followed by a full stop. Committing to a sustainable public position is an ongoing unilateral commitment rather than a bilateral ‘campaign’ burst.  

Your customers expect you to do more than just be seen to take care of your own sustainability impacts.  They expect you to commit to a meaningful journey and integrate sustainability innovation and leadership in everything that you do and stand for.

The sustainability challenge is about progress not perfection, and we are committed through Sustainable Material to help clients make that necessary progress.

If you want to:

  • Benchmark what you do right now and identify what you need to do
  • Translate your commitments into a meaningful customer, consumer, colleague and stakeholder communications strategy
  • Realise your goals for brand and business benefit

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