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Listening in on Scotland’s Emotional Triumph


They say good things come to those who wait. 
And wait we did…

But boy was it worth it, when Scotland finally banished their major tournament hoodoo and qualified for EURO 2020 on Thursday 12th November.

In true Scottish fashion, the National Team made us sweat. Really sweat! David Marshall’s dramatic penalty shoot-out save was watched by a peak audience of 2.6m – over half the Scottish population – and the nerves (and the joy) couldn’t have been more palpable.

Material’s insight team can testify to that having tracked social conversation on the day of the game. We’ve handpicked a selection of the data points which we feel sum up the night pretty well. Here’s to you, Scotland…

People’s Man of the Match

From Dykes’s non-stop hard work to Marshall’s incredible string of saves, here’s a look at individual named mentions of the on-pitch squad and – the People’s Man of the Match goes to Christie for his “GOAAAAAAAAAAAL”

Chart of (ahem) Maximum Joy

This chart shows just how little pre-match day content and speculation occurred compared to the actual match day.  Pre match nerves perhaps?

Bolstered by the Boogie

The now iconic video of the team doing their Boogie Woogie received 1.6 million views and 11.9k retweets which is more than even the post which declared them the winners and saw overall fan conversation peak between 10 and 11pm on Nov 12th.

It’s Been Emotional

And it certainly was an emotional roller coaster, as shown by fan use of emojis at key points over the tensest two hours of Scottish football in a generation. 

At kick off we see national support via the flag flanked by an array of feelings ranging from worry to fear to sweating.  

By the time the teams get into extra time people are applauding their team but are conveying their extreme anxiety for the next 30 mins. 

And then, by full time we see emotions revert back to national pride flanked by celebrations, love and relief.

VERY Emotional

Looking more closely at the actual emotions underpinning the language used in content at Kick off, Extra time and Full Time is fascinating!  

At Kick Off, the language of fear increases by 18% and by the start of Extra Time fear is now over indexing by 67%!   

But as we know, this story has a happy ending, in fact a joyous one, with the language of joy up an absolutely incredible 368% by 9.55pm.

Social Listening

Social listening is a powerful tool. It can yield valuable audience insights that help to shape content strategies, influence commercial decisions and allow your brand to stay relevant and authentic. 

Material’s skilled insight team can help brands to more closely align with a target’s behaviors and preferences via the use of analytics platforms such as Brandwatch.

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(Header Photo by Nikola Krstic / SNS Group)

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