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Standard Life is committed to shining a light on invisible illnesses, we’re committed to creating meaningful campaigns that do just that; challenging stigmas, defying taboos and giving a voice to the ‘invisible’ masses.

While 4 out of 5 people in the UK have heard of Standard Life, people don’t carry an emotional connection to the brand.

Standard Life sought to create partnerships that were deeply meaningful, positioning them as a consumer-led business
which really listens to their customers and their staff.

The focus was to help shine a light on invisible conditions neglected in many areas of society.
The first partnership under this umbrella heading was with Endometriosis UK.

Beyond The Invisible was a photography and film-led exploration of the debilitating invisible illness, Endometriosis, as told through the powerful stories of women who suffer from the condition. The exhibition used the technology of augmented reality to unlock short films that tell the real-life stories of adversity, perseverance and hope, behind strong imagery, which was captured by world renowned photographer, Rankin.

The exhibition was held in both London and Edinburgh with an accompanying brochure and downloadable app to extend the AR experience out of venue. Visitors to the exhibition could use one of the iPads provided or they could download the free app. As they held the devise up to the images in the exhibition or in the brochure, it came to life with recorded stories from the participants.

“If Standard Life and Endometriosis UK hadn’t given me this opportunity, I don’t think I would have spoken out about my condition. And by keeping my silence, I would have lost the chance that the exhibition gave me to connect with other women, who might be suffering without any knowledge that endometriosis existed.”

Beyond The Invisible exhibition participant